Since 2012 Stanridge has made Red Hook Specific frames. Stanridge was the first company to make fixed crit specific frames. Frames are drawn from high level professional feedback following every event. 



The 2018 High Street Pursuit Fixed Crit retains its title as the most innovative dedicated Fixed Crit frame in the peloton. Four key changes for 2018 include:

1. A threaded 86mm T47 bottom bracket shell. A T47 shell is approximately the same diameter as a PressFit 30 shell. One of the reasons PressFit 30 became popular with frame designers is that it allows for greater surface area at the critical junction of the down tube, seat tube and chainstays – an area of the frame where stiffness is paramount. This increase in real-estate means I can use thinner-walled tubes in large diameters to keep frames light and stiff. 

2. Full Columbus HSS Spirit Shaped tubing. Italian company Columbus are still investing in steel tubesets.  HSS features oversized tube profiles including as shown 44mm diameter profiled down tube. These new shapes provides a higher level of stiffness for the frame. Responsive and precise is something you can really detect when riding the HSP FC.

3. Columbus Futura thru-axle fork. The Futura line is the pinnacle of Columbus Carbon Lab research & development. Taking advantage of the newest technologies and standards, the Futura was designed to meet the needs of riders seeking a road racing set up. Futura’s unique design, with an 1-1/2” oversized steerer, has been specifically engineered to maximize stiffness and reliability, providing a riding experience with increased precision and performance. The ultra-light monocoque carbon-fiber structure has been asymmetrically reinforced in the areas of major stress, as well as providing increased torsion control, both essential characteristics of a reliable fork. 

4. Inboard Ceramic bearings in an 86mm wide shell. Using a larger-diameter bottom bracket shell sizing creates more space for an even larger 30mm diameter crank axle. This system, is the stiffest and lightest to hit the market thus far.